Color Codes


I know that since we were little, we have heard the phrase: “Those colors don’t look well together!”

Even my mom used to say to me: “Brown and black don’t get along.” But let’s think about that for a moment. Is the color rule real? Does it make sense? No, for me it doesn’t.

I believe that we can wear whichever color we want to, as long as we know HOW to wear it. That’s the key.

For instance, in this picture we see the outfit on the right, and we can notice that the pieces have red, pink and light blue. Most of people would say that is a terrible combination, but it works for me. First of all, pink and blue look great together because they are soft colors; they don’t overshadow each other, but they accompany one another. The red is the strongest color here; it’s the one that makes the greatest contrast in the outfit.

Moreover, the second proposal, located on the left side of the picture, has navy blue, a brownish red and champagne color. These colors are the opposite, but they work well together. Why? Because each of them shines due to their uniqueness. In addition, the pattern of the pants contains the three colors in one piece, so it looks like they belong together. The outfit seems natural and organic.

When it comes to fashion we have to be different — think different.

Mixing textures and colors is an amazing way to provide vivacity to the outfit. The variety of fabrics, patterns, colors and shapes give originality to our look.

So we can’t be afraid to use colors to our advantage; they are there for our own use!

So please do me a favor and come up with the craziest and greatest combination ever.

Much love.