How to Wear a Fall Outfit for a Not-so-fall Weather

Fall has finally arrived in South Florida! Even though the season began long ago, here in Miami the temperature was not dropping, but the opposite. However, this week everything changed and now it’s time to wear fall outfits!

As a way of saying bye to Miami’s heat, I left behind those denim shorts, tops and sandals that I had used since the beginning of summer and started to wear boots, long sleeve shirts, and stockings under mini skirts.

Here is a fall outfit for a not-so-fall weather

I love to use colors such as brown, yellow, orange and purple in my outfits for this season. I feel like these colors go along with the leaves turning their tone into a brownish color. Also, the shirt featured in the picture looks like a tunic or camisole with a floral pattern. When I say florals, I don’t mean vivid spring florals, but darker and muted tones that convert this pattern into a vintage trend designated to be worn during fall.

The jeans are always IN. These dark jeans have a bell shape and denim tips at the end, making this favorite a western-type of piece. In addition, the metallic boots with a zipper on the middle are really trendy right now. These boots were an icon during the 60’s fashion, and this fall are here to stay. I bought mine in a local boutique in Spain, but Zara has a really similar pair.

This outfit has movement and style, and it’s perfect for Miami weather. Thousands of combinations can be made with different pieces. Just check out my last post to see the latest trends and start creating your own!