Blazers, Leather Jackets and Wool Sweaters

Blazers, leather jackets and wool sweaters. That’s all we see during this time of the year. They are the protagonists of the fall/winter season. What if I’d choose a jacket that is all three in one? A jacket that is made of leather and wool, looks like a blazer but instead of buttons has zippers. That would be an odd combination and a great addition to my wardrobe, right?

That’s why I bought it the second after I saw it. Let me introduce you to… my rebel-without-a-cause jacket.

Now more than ever, we see iconic trends from the 70’s and 80’s right down our noses. Turtlenecks, high-waist pants, zippers, off-shoulders blouses, leather fabrics. I recall those old movies in which the characters wore the coolest outfits back then. Like Grease – one of my favorite movies without a doubt. This look is definitely a modern version inspired on these past trends.

I matched this fabulous jacket with a turtleneck bodysuit featuring a zipper in the middle and a high-waist navy jeans. This type of outfit has a street style, very urban. Which is not the day-to-day look, but the opposite – a look for a night out. Make sure you wear it with the right attitude!

Choosing a pair of mules with two little belts on the side was the perfect final touch. Mules have been IN for awhile, and there is a wide variety. The ones that I am wearing are heels, and I got them for $15.00 in Forever 21. Greatest deal ever. I know!

I like the way this outfit looks because it involves the whole rebel-without-a-cause vibe, which was exactly how I felt when I wore it.

If you would like to get a similar look, just let me know in the comments and I will personally help you!

Lots of love.