Oliver People’s+ Edward Beiner: Where aesthetic and exclusivity meet

Oliver People’s+ Edward Beiner: Where aesthetic and exclusivity meet

Like fashion, the eyewear industry follows the latest trends to come. The round frames, the hexagonal shapes, and the flat top lenses are the most popular models this season. However, Oliver People’s does not believe in trends.

 “Oliver People’s is never a trend, always in style,” Vice President of Oliver People’s Tracy Avooski said.

Oliver People’s is a Los-Angeles-based luxury eyewear brand with a passion for superior handcrafted glasses. It was founded in the late 1980’s and has remained true to its vintage and sophisticated aesthetic, which makes this brand one of a kind.

“The first designs were inspired by an estate collection of vintage American-made eyewear purchased by the founders of the brand,” Avooski said. “The assortment included thousands of beautifully filigreed rimless and metal frames. Among the collection, there was a receipt signed with the name ‘Oliver People’s.’ It was reasoned that he was the distributor, and the first original collection was named in his honor.”

What predominated during the 80’s were futuristic styles and geometric shapes. In contrast, Oliver People’s challenged fashion trends and presented collections with timeless styles in a variety of natural tortoise shell hues with discreet branding and delicate details. An inimitable proposition for that time.

“Our desire is to create timeless, effortless eyewear for the fashion connoisseur who wants to buy eyewear that is not connected to the clothing or accessory industry,”Avooski said.

By only focusing on designing exclusive eyewear instead of producing a big logo, Oliver People’s caught the attention of Edward Beiner – A Brazilian-made but Miami-based distributor looking for fresh ideas to incorporate into his business.

Edward Beiner Purveyor of Fine Eyewear opened its first eyewear boutique in Miami in 1981. Since then, it has dedicated to carry exceptional brands that are known for being innovative and authentic.

When looking for a brand to partner with, Edward Beiner pursues “brands that are not affiliated with fashion houses but that are created by artisans in the optical industry.” “Design, quality, and exclusivity are the key elements,” Beiner said.

That is why Oliver People’s and Edward Beiner made perfect sense. 30 years ago, Oliver People’s approached Edward Beiner to bring the brand in South Florida. Since the models were revolutionary for the time, the purveyor accepted the offer and rapidly became one of their top accounts in the United States.

This handmade vintage brand uses the finest materials and pays close attention to details to maintain its innovative and brand-defining styles on top. Even celebrities and artists wear and recognize Oliver People’s frames and sunglasses.

“From musicians wearing Oliver People’s on stage to actors in films, our brand has remained in the forefront of cultural milestones,” Avooski added.

And this is how a 30-year relationship looks like: Oliver People’s celebrated its 30th anniversary on Thursday, November 2nd in Edward Beiner Fine Eyewear located in Mary Brickell Village. The event consisted of an exhibit of the most iconic styles in the company’s history, such as the MP-3 and the M4, accompanied by mojitos and light appetizers next to a photo booth where lots of boomerangs were taken. It was an intimate night in the sun city.

Both Edward Beiner and Oliver People’s understand the importance of relevance and aesthetic in the eyewear industry. Innovating while maintaining the vintage vibe in a timeless line seems to be the key to success of these two.


Edward Beiner and Daniela Zanzuri
Courtney Harris and Tracey Avooski