The Best Outfit to Kick-off the Winter Season in Miami

The brownish leaves are about to finish falling and snowflakes start to arrive. Winter officially begins on December 1st, and I want to give a proper good-bye to my favorite season with the most beautiful outfit.

The look is inspired by both autumn and winter seasons. It has the brown and red tones of the fall leaves, and the light and navy blue of the winter sky.

Let’s begin with the outfit!

The Zara’s button-down shirt with white and blue stripes caught me the first time that I set eyes on it. This type of garment has been a fashion icon during the past seasons. I have seen this pattern in off-shoulders dresses, shirts and even pants. So, it’s no wonder that designers have now adapted the successful fabric to be a fall/winter piece.

To match this gorgeous shirt, I chose a red, blue and yellow pencil skirt with exotic patterns and tassels at the bottom. Both pieces together made perfect sense to me, and you can see why in the ultimate outcome.

Then, I decided to incorporate the latest trend in shoes: sock boots. I must say that I’m obsessed with this trend. The boots stylize the legs giving the nicest touch to the outfit. Plus, they are very autumnal.

Combining and mixing is an art, and to be good at it, you need to be creative and be able to take risks. No one makes a fashion statement by playing on the safe side. In this case, the two pieces are too different; that’s why is hard to picture them together. But within their differences they share something in common: the tassels.

My advice is that you choose garments with one element that is present in all pieces. As long as they have something in common, it doesn’t matter how different they are.

I hope that this post inspires you as much as it did to me!


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