Sprint Launch Event at The Basel Mural Festival

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to the Sprint VIP Launch Event at the Basel House featuring a mural painted by the Dominican artist Ruben Ubiera called “Connections.” This year was the first official mural festival in Wynwood with more than 40 murals excelling the passion of local and international artists painting live on their giant canvas.

Ruben Ubiera

Ubiera is a neo-figurative artist known for his graffiti technique, urban murals, and mixed-media pieces and installations. Every single one of his creations is made of reclaimed objects and found artifacts. His style is called “postgraffism.” but he prefers to call it “urban-pop.” According to Ubiera, “Connections” is about celebrating freedom and community. He says that great part of his inspiration comes from the inter activity between the man and his urban environment.

The Mural Festival At Basel House

The event was sponsored by Sprint, an American communications services company widely recognized, and consisted of several stations. As I walked in, I saw a printing station where they were making the Sprint goodie bags! A few steps further, there was the alcoholic ice cream table with the most delicious toppings. And yes, you read well: alcoholic ice cream courtesy of Sweet Melody! I had never tried something like that before, but I loved everything about it, especially the chocolate fountain.

Since it was a mural festival, Sprint let us create our own graffiti. I must admit that painting is not one of my skills, but I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and experience some fun! Lastly, I went outside to see the amazing mural. The background was yellow with a touch of mustard. On the sides, two man figures were placed with arms crossed wearing helmets and glasses. It seemed like they were thinking the same thing without exchanging a single word. (Photograph of mural is at the top)

Ruben Ubiera and Claudio Hidalgo, Sprint president for Florida
Ruben Ubiera

Thanks to South Florida Bloggers and Sprint for this opportunity. I had a great time!



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