My 2018 Resolutions

The new year kicked off, and all I can think of are my 2018 resolutions for the year ahead.

Resolutions are incentives that help me to focus and achieve my personal and professional goals. Being a 24-year-old graduate and a hopeful dreamer can get tricky. I aspire to be an entrepreneur in the fashion and communications industry. I want to have my own business, travel and be the best version of myself.

I want it all, but I’m clueless at the same time. Sometimes, the first step is the most difficult to make. That’s why is key to maintain a plan or at least a draft of our goals/dreams/aspirations and stick to it.

These are my 2018 resolutions! And I plan to follow them!

Eat Better/Exercise More: Although these two activities have always been present in my life, I must admit that I left them aside once I started working full time. Saying that I don’t have time, and that I’m exhausted didn’t get me anywhere last year. So now, I’m determined to do meal prep every single Sunday and exercise 4 to 5 days per week. These kinds of habits will help me recover my strength and energy.

Self-care: More ME time! The last couple of months, I put myself on the background and payed more attention to others’ needs. From now on, I will have at least one day per week exclusively for me – my needs and my wishes will be the most important priority.

Spend Less/ Save More: We all know that financials are a must. Watching our expenses is essential to keep the budget right. Since now I am trying to build my empire, I want to save money, and I plan to do it by changing some habits: cook more, use Uber just when I really need to, use coupons when buying my groceries, etc. At the end of this month, I will let you know the result!

Be the best version of myself: Frequently, I will ask myself one question: Am I closer today from where I want to be tomorrow? If the answer is no, I will be able to notice that I’m out of track and get ready to recover the time lost. If the answer is yes, then I will need to keep going and update my 2018 plan accordingly.

I’m excited to put my list into practice!

What about you? What are your 2018 resolutions? Let me know in the comments!