Last-minute Valentine’s Experience Guide for Him

Valentine’s day is two days away and you still have nothing in mind to give to your dreamed guy? Don’t worry. I’m here to help you.

We all know that this particular date it’s a crazy and very commercial day. Restaurants are packed, cashier lines are two times longer and Amazon Prime doesn’t have the 24h delivery that you needed by yesterday. That’s why we are not going to focus on the material things but the opposite – experiences. This February 14th we are going to give him the best time of his life. Trust me, memories are unforgettable.

Here it is the ultimate experience guide for him!

Think like him

If you know an activity or place that your boyfriend is dying to try, make it happen. Think about the last conversations that you have had with him. Has he mentioned anything that he would like to do? It could even be a movie at his favorite cinema with his favorite candies!

Massage for two, please

Before you freak out and tell me that couples massages are way too expensive and overpriced, let me introduce you to Groupon. This app has great deals on local hotels and spas, and some even offer a 30-min massage with a day at the hotel’s pool. The price ranges from $70 to $100 – everything depends on your selection. This could be a type of staycation and a great way to spend the day together.

A homemade dinner

The easiest way to make a guy happy is by feeding him. If you are a fantastic cooker, then this idea may be right for you. Think about his favorite dish or food, and prepare a three-course menu just for him. Freeze berries and pour them into a champagne glass – the champagne will absorb the berries’ taste creating a delicious flavor. Think romantic!

An adventure

Ski season is almost over, and Colorado may be a good way to say good-bye to the winter. Check out Frontier’s website to find cheap flight tickets and jump into the next adventure with your partner in crime! Road trips are also exciting and can be a budget-friendly option. Check out my road trip guide in South Florid for some inspiration!

The moon, the sea and the two of you

A picnic under the light of the stars is a perfect date for Valentine’s day! Make a basket with a selection of cheeses, prosciutto, salami, olives and crackers, along with a bottle of his favorite wine and two glasses. Bring two blankets; one for you two to sit on the sand and the other to snuggle.

Let me know which one you picked! I would love to see the ultimate result!


  1. Excelentes opciones para pasar un día especial con alguien especial. Gracias por recordar que es lo más importante de un día de San Valentín como lo es COMPARTIR 😉

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