Fall Means New Skincare Routine

Fall is around the corner, which means that soon we will see the trees changing their foliage resulting in warm tones that take over the city. Sudden, fall means new skincare routine. Why? Because the weather changes and the temperature drops. Now, our skin is more likely to get dry and peel.

This is why I wanted to share with you my new skincare routine. A few weeks ago, a skincare line called Lumion caught my attention. I researched the ingredients, checked the reviews and testimonials of people who have used it and finally decided to try it.

I have a combination of oily and dry type of skin, so for me it’s hard to find a product that hydrates my skin without leaving a greasy feeling on my face. But Lumion is capable of cleaning and hydrating my face at the same time. And the reason why is because of its components.

Lumion’s products only use three ingredients: electrolyzed oxygenated water, sodium chloride, and hypochlorous acid. You may be wondering how am I talking about hydration if Lumion’s main component is water? Well, there is a secret that the electrolyzed oxygenated water entails. It delivers oxygen to the skin  increasing hydration! And the remaining two ingredients are antibacterial, which means that they protect the skin against environmental contaminants.

My Fall Skincare Routine

First, we need to clean our face. I use a detoxifying cleanser from Boscia. This is a warm gel cleanser that dissolves impurities and refines the skin texture. The cleanser is like a mask: creamy and thick. It does not irritate nor dry the skin. I really recommend it.

Then, the next step is applying the Lumion Serum. I splash two pumps on my hand and apply it to my face and neck. This serum increases balance and moisture my skin. The final touch is the Lumion mist. I just close my eyes and splash the mist all over my face. I use this product several times during the day: after exercising, to seal my makeup and in the morning.

This to-go mist is also perfect for airplanes. We all know that when we are in an airplane it is not recommended to wear makeup because of the environmental conditions. But this Lumion product helps the skin to remain clean and sooth thanks to the hypochlorous acid. Definitely is a must in our purse!

The reason why I love these products is because they are really natural and don’t irritate my skin. When I apply a cream or serum on my skin, I am really careful with the ingredients. If you don’t know the ingredients or if you cannot even pronounce the word, it is worthwhile to do a little research.

These products are budget friendly and can be found online. I bought my cleanser in Sephora and the Lumion’s products in the brand’s website.

Let me know if you have any questions regarding the routine or the products. I would be more than happy to help you! This space is both yours and mine!

PD: In case you are craving for more beauty and skincare tips take a look at this top post.

Lavender Oil: A Miracle for Skin Problems

Much love.


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How to create a productive morning routine

Lately, I have been feeling that I don’t have enough time to do all the things I need to do. Since I started to work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., my schedule is upside down and I’m not being as productive as I used to be. The four essential things in my life are work, exercise, my personal project, and the people I love. Every single one of them is necessary to go to bed with a smile from cheek to cheek.

Balance was a part of my daily life, but now I have days in which I only go to work, others in which I exercise, and others in which I spend most of the night awake working on my content, trying to provide helpful and entertaining posts for you.

I have come to the conclusion that I’m not being organized and realized that I spent more time thinking about the things that I needed to do than actually doing them. I imagine that I’m not the only one struggling with time management issues.

It’s the 21st century, no day has enough hours! As a result, I changed my monotonous mornings for a brand-new productive routine.

STEP 1: Rise and shine, gorgeous

I wake up at 6 a.m., brush my teeth, wash my face, and run to the kitchen. Are you thinking the same as me? COFFEE! Mornings cannot start on the right foot without coffee. That’s a fact! Since I’m training in the mornings, I only eat a banana with almond butter, and after my workout, I prepare a big nutritious and delicious breakfast. Bananas are great as pre-workout. They fuel you with energy and don’t give you a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.



STEP 2: Time to get serious

As I mentioned before, exercise is a MUST in my life. My day is not complete until I workout. It makes me feel relaxed and full of energy to keep up with my day. What I usually do now is either train at my house’s gym or go to a spinning class. If I train at home, I do weight lifting. Depending on the day, I will train legs, triceps, biceps, abs, shoulders or back. I firmly believe that all muscles should be trained – yes, ladies. You heard well. At the end of the day, we use every single one of our muscles, and we must strengthen them.

On the other hand, if I decide to go to spinning, the dynamic changes. Spinning classes focus on burning fat and are a great way to do cardio. For me, it’s really hard to spend 45 mins on the same machine doing the same thing, even if I’m listening to my favorite playlist. That’s why I try to take classes that motivate me to keep going and finish my 45-50 mins of cardio. Since I need to take a shower and go to work after my training session, I only train for 45 mins.


STEP 3: Breakfast is served

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! I truly enjoy cooking it and devouring it, especially after an intense workout. I tend to have arepas for breakfast at least three times a week, not only because they are delicious, but also because they are a time-saving option. What I do to save time is preparing the arepa’s mix (corn meal, ground flax seed, and roasted plantain or butter squash) during the weekend. These aren’t the original arepas, but I like to personalize them by mixing different flavors and adding fiber. I make approximately 20-30 arepas, I pre-cook them, and then I wrap them with plastic wrap. Now, I only need to take one, put it in the oven…and ta-ta! Breakfast is served and ready to eat.

Then, I take the half hour that I have left and organize my day. I scratch the things that I’ve already done, I highlight the urgent ones that I haven’t done yet, and lastly, I add the ones that I’m planning to do. In that way, I can look at the whole picture — past, present, and future.

My recommendation here is to think clearly. Clarity is the new clever. Even if you don’t have everything figure out – current status – you will take things out of your way by only knowing what to do with a few.



STEP 4: Playing dress-up!

I used to spend HOURS in front of my closet deciding what or what not to wear. Guess what? That CANNOT happen! Those are 20 mins, 50 mins, completely wasted! Now, I select my outfit the night before, and I leave everything ready for the next day — lesson learned.

I try to keep my makeup pretty simple. Some blush and highlighter on my cheeks, mascara, and a little color on my lips. That’s it! Looks professional and is not overwhelming.

This routine takes approximately 1 hour and a half, but I get to do everything I need to have a wonderful day. After work, I can have dinner with my boyfriend, or pamper myself and get my nails done, or simply keep working on my passion and plan my next move.

I highly recommend having a productive routine that keeps you focus and on time.

Here are 5 tips to start creating your own routine

  • Get as much as sleep as you can. Try to sleep at least 8 hours.
  • Go to bed early. In that way, you can take advantage of your mornings and have things ready sooner.
  • Develop a routine that meets your necessities. What’s important for you? What are you trying to achieve? Write down what you need to do and then organize it.
  • Set up alarms in order to control the time you spend on each task. After a while, this won’t be necessary. You will get used to following your routine.
  • Plan! Plan ahead your routine, not the minute after you wake up. In that way, you will be able to do it in zombie mode if necessary. That’s the best part of having a routine!

Let me know how it goes!

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Lavender Oil: A Miracle for Skin Problems



Have you heard about the properties of the lavender oil? No? At first, neither did me, but today I’m grateful to have found it.

I have really sensitive skin. Most chemicals irritate my skin leaving me red rashes for weeks. Waxing is terrible, and don’t even mention razors! Those are a nightmare for me! Since I have been dealing with these issues my entire life, I decided to do some research on how I can redress these effects. That’s how I came across this miracle!

Lavender oil is obtained by distilling lavender and is one of the essentials oils with more properties and benefits for the skin. In fact, people who are into the aromatherapy world know that this oil is a must have item. So let’s find out WHY lavender oil is so powerful.


  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.
  • Regenerative: it keeps the skin clean and looking great because it regenerates any zone that has suffered burns, dermatitis, acne, etc.
  • Enhancer: when this oil is diluted in other oil, such as coconut oil, enhances all the properties of the base oil. In other words, coconut oil is known for hydrating the skin and by adding a few drops of lavender oil, the effect would be duplicated.

After learning these facts, I decided to incorporate this oil into my beauty routine. Not only because I wanted to enhance the appearance of my skin, but also because I wanted it to look healthier. But before proceeding to include it, I learned about WHAT was the best way in which I could use lavender oil in order to get most of its benefits without causing any harm or side effects on my skin. Remember that it is not recommendable to apply any essential oil directly on the skin because we may get sensitization in that area.

The concentration of the dilution depends on the usage of the essential oil, i.e., what do we want to use the essential oil for. For instance, in this case, I used lavender oil for daily skin care, which means that my dilution was of 2-3%. According to AromaWeb, the easiest way to make a 2% dilution is to measure the essential oil by drops while adding them to a base oil. The base oil that I chose was coconut oil because is a natural moisturizer and works great on the skin. The number of drops may vary depending on the ml that we use. Since I poured 30 ml (1 oz.) of coconut oil into a bowl, I added 12-15 drops of lavender oil to create my 2% dilution.

Here I will leave you a conversion chart that was really helpful for me when I started to use an essential oil. The chart was made by Robert Tisserand, Valerie Worwood and Kurt Schnaubelt who are well-known authors in the aromatherapy world. In fact, Tisserand wrote a book named “Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals,” which contains 400 essential oils profiles and their usages. Of course, these are average measures that serve as guidelines to create dilutions. Dilutions usually vary depending on the age, health condition, and skin sensitivity. Since I have sensitive skin, I would recommend the same measure that I have used because I haven’t developed any reaction or sensitization.


The usage of essential oils has to be taken seriously and must be done properly in order to get positive results. I have been applying both coconut oil and lavender oil on my legs for a month now, and the results had been awesome. My skin is not only smoother and softer, but also the irritation has decreased notably. I encourage you to try essential oils as long as you are responsible regarding this matter.

I will always share with you what has worked for me explaining it as much as I can with detailed information. I’m sure there are more people with similar skin problems, and that’s why I decided to write a post about this subject. It really helped me, and I thought that maybe it would also help you.

Much love!



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Cleaning our makeup brushes is a MUST

first brush .jpg

Did you know that makeup brushes contain a certain level of bacteria? And every time we use them, the bacteria and dirt are accumulating and contaminating our makeup? Well, now you know.

A study made by Dr. Andrew Summerfield at BioCote revealed that there was heavy contamination on a tested makeup brush by a bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus. This bacteria ‘“is capable of causing a variety of skin associated diseases, such as boils and [acne].”’ Moreover, ‘“Staphylococcus aureus can [also] be the cause of much more serious diseases such as endocarditis, bacteremia, and pneumonia.”’

Now, the question is: how can we prevent this from happening? The answer is simple; we need to learn HOW to clean our brushes properly and do it as part of our daily routine.

There exist multiple cleansers for brushes. We could use a bar soap and rub the brushes directly onto it after we use them, or buy one portable at Sephora. Moreover, Beau Nelson, a celebrity makeup artist, recommends a dish cleanser (Dawn, Palmolive) for synthetic brushes because it stops the cosmetics oils from staying in the brushes. We could also enhance this routine by washing them with shampoo! All we need to do is pour the shampoo into a bowl and dip one brush at a time. Since foundations are harder to wash off, we should dip them a little longer. In addition, lip brushes tend to accumulate heavy pigments and oils, which is why Hung Vanngo, The Wall Group’s makeup artist, recommends to wash them with The Master Brush Cleaner & Preserver because it can strip off the oils. We can find this item on Amazon for $5.38!

brush .jpg

Once we have applied these cleansers, we must wash the brushes with cold water because hot water may damage the metal bristles from the brushes. Another key element here is HOW we let our brushes to dry; it’s important to let them dry naturally and lay them down on a paper towel, in that way the paper towel will absorb everything.

The following step refers to storage our makeup brushes. Most of us tend to keep them in the bathroom, which is actually not the best idea because water vapor and humidity create the perfect environment for bacteria to reproduce. The safest way to keep our brushes is by exhibiting them in a glass or plastic container in a dry room.


I know that this is not a fun task, but we MUST do it. From now on, cleaning our brushes will be a MUST in our daily beauty routine, right?



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