Color Codes


I know that since we were little, we have heard the phrase: “Those colors don’t look well together!”

Even my mom used to say to me: “Brown and black don’t get along.” But let’s think about that for a moment. Is the color rule real? Does it make sense? No, for me it doesn’t.

I believe that we can wear whichever color we want to, as long as we know HOW to wear it. That’s the key.

For instance, in this picture we see the outfit on the right, and we can notice that the pieces have red, pink and light blue. Most of people would say that is a terrible combination, but it works for me. First of all, pink and blue look great together because they are soft colors; they don’t overshadow each other, but they accompany one another. The red is the strongest color here; it’s the one that makes the greatest contrast in the outfit.

Moreover, the second proposal, located on the left side of the picture, has navy blue, a brownish red and champagne color. These colors are the opposite, but they work well together. Why? Because each of them shines due to their uniqueness. In addition, the pattern of the pants contains the three colors in one piece, so it looks like they belong together. The outfit seems natural and organic.

When it comes to fashion we have to be different — think different.

Mixing textures and colors is an amazing way to provide vivacity to the outfit. The variety of fabrics, patterns, colors and shapes give originality to our look.

So we can’t be afraid to use colors to our advantage; they are there for our own use!

So please do me a favor and come up with the craziest and greatest combination ever.

Much love.

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How to make your own skincare routine at home


As you all may know, skin care is expensive but is NECESSARY. Nowadays, cosmetics stand on a high budget, especially if we want organic and natural products without many chemicals. That is why I decided to write this post; I will talk about the benefits of using nature’s products instead of fabricated cosmetics.

Some of you may be thinking what do I mean by nature’s products? Well, I refer to the products that the Mother Nature gives us every day.

The first thing that we need to include in our skin-care routine is a cleanser. It does not matter what problem we are trying to address – acne, wrinkles or spots – a cleanser is a MUST, and it MUST be used both morning and night. If we do not feel like buying one, we can always make it!

Recently, I have been testing different natural products not only to determine which one has the best effect but also which one has more benefits for the skin.

Here it’s a list of the products that I’ve been using in the last weeks and their properties. Let’s start!

Avocado oil’s properties:

  • Natural moisturizer
  • Contains vitamin A, D, and E
  • Restores the skin

Aloe Vera’s properties:

  • Since it contains two hormones, auxin, and gibberellins, it stimulates the growth of new cells allowing the skin to heal quickly.
  • Treats stretch marks by giving more elasticity to the skin.
  • Moisturizes the skin without adding a greasy feeling, so it’s perfect for any type of skin.

Calendula petals extract’s properties:

  • Possesses healing abilities for any type of scrapes or wounds.
  • Improves the skin appearance by providing antioxidant protection that reduces wrinkles.
  • Anti- inflammatory.

Apricot kernel oil’s properties:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti- aging since it nourishes and supports the skin.
  • Anti- bacterial and anti- septic, which means that is effective for acne and prevents infections.

Fat-free yogurt’s properties:

  • The active cultures from the yogurt and its lactic acid help smooth and hydrate the skin.
  • It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, which means it can help remove blackheads and whiteheads.
  • If used often, yogurt can reduce skin’s discoloration.

Honey’s properties:

  • Natural pore cleanser. Thanks to its enzymes, honey can clarify the skin and keep the pores clear.
  • It’s a natural humectant.
  • Reduces the look of scars and improves tissue regeneration.

Now that we are familiar with these goodies, we can start applying them!


For the cleanser, I mixed two tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of aloe vera and another teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Once it was ready, I applied the cleanser and gently massaged my face always avoiding direct contact with my eyes. When the 10 minutes passed, I removed the mixture with warm water and ta-da! My face was fresh and smooth.


This cleanser can be used by anyone, but I highly recommend it to people with oily skin and breakouts. The properties of these ingredients are great to fight acne.

Secondly, it’s important to use a moisturizer every time we clean our face, especially if we are in winter. Dryness and cold weather are best friends… but not for too long.

The moisturizer was made of fat-free natural yogurt and rosehip oil. Why yogurt? Because it’s one of the best natural moisturizers and has anti-bacterial properties. I put two tablespoons of yogurt and one teaspoonful of rosehip oil in a bowl and then mixed them until the texture was perfect. I applied this mixture all over my face and removed it with warm water after 10 mins.


This masque is great for any skin type because it moisturizes the skin while removing the dead cells of the face. Also, the rosehip oil contains fatty acids that rejuvenate the skin and prevent premature aging.

I found all these products in Amazon and the supermarket. The price range is around $5 to $10. As I said before, skin care isn’t necessarily expensive.

I hope this information is useful to you, and I really encourage you to try to include these ingredients in your daily skin-care routine to address your needs. Not only because it’s a budget-friendly option, but also because most of the best things in life come from our mother nature.

However, if some of you don’t feel like doing your own thing and prefer to buy natural-based organic cosmetics, choose a brand with products that contain ingredients that you can actually see. Chemicals have side effects that will hit us later in life if we do not control the doses we are using. So read all the active ingredients of a product before purchasing it. We should always know what we are putting on our skin.

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