Last I heard bloggers were taking the world, today I confirmed it. That’s why I’ve decided to join this fabulous community and become a blogger.

My name is Ana Capdevielle and from now on, I’ll be a fashion and lifestyle blogger.


Fashion is a form of expression; we express our personality every time we wear an outfit. And what’s an outfit? A piece of our own creation and imagination, which results in our identity, our style – but more than that an outfit is a decision.

Decisions are an essential part of our life. There are simple decisions as having banana pancakes or Benedict eggs for breakfast, or tough ones like what are we going to wear for the interview of our dreamed job – hahaha, I’m kidding. There are tougher decisions. But either way, it’s our choice to see life as a dynamic and playful path of decisions or panic every time we see an obstacle coming.

I’ve have decided to take it easy and do the best I can every day. That’s why I’ve created The Glow Game. As it name says it, this journey will be a game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty serious about what I’ll be sharing with you here. I promise to provide you valuable content, but I will have fun doing it, and I hope that you can accompany me all the way.

The Glow Game is the channel of communication that I designed to transmit my message, and I will use fashion as my primary language. Here you will find tips, advice, tutorials and what’s happening NOW in the fashion industry, as well as places to visit, eat and have fun. We are all playing the same game but with a different glow. We are unique. So world better be prepared to get blind because The Glow Game just started!