Cleaning our makeup brushes is a MUST

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Did you know that makeup brushes contain a certain level of bacteria? And every time we use them, the bacteria and dirt are accumulating and contaminating our makeup? Well, now you know.

A study made by Dr. Andrew Summerfield at BioCote revealed that there was heavy contamination on a tested makeup brush by a bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus. This bacteria ‘“is capable of causing a variety of skin associated diseases, such as boils and [acne].”’ Moreover, ‘“Staphylococcus aureus can [also] be the cause of much more serious diseases such as endocarditis, bacteremia, and pneumonia.”’

Now, the question is: how can we prevent this from happening? The answer is simple; we need to learn HOW to clean our brushes properly and do it as part of our daily routine.

There exist multiple cleansers for brushes. We could use a bar soap and rub the brushes directly onto it after we use them, or buy one portable at Sephora. Moreover, Beau Nelson, a celebrity makeup artist, recommends a dish cleanser (Dawn, Palmolive) for synthetic brushes because it stops the cosmetics oils from staying in the brushes. We could also enhance this routine by washing them with shampoo! All we need to do is pour the shampoo into a bowl and dip one brush at a time. Since foundations are harder to wash off, we should dip them a little longer. In addition, lip brushes tend to accumulate heavy pigments and oils, which is why Hung Vanngo, The Wall Group’s makeup artist, recommends to wash them with The Master Brush Cleaner & Preserver because it can strip off the oils. We can find this item on Amazon for $5.38!

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Once we have applied these cleansers, we must wash the brushes with cold water because hot water may damage the metal bristles from the brushes. Another key element here is HOW we let our brushes to dry; it’s important to let them dry naturally and lay them down on a paper towel, in that way the paper towel will absorb everything.

The following step refers to storage our makeup brushes. Most of us tend to keep them in the bathroom, which is actually not the best idea because water vapor and humidity create the perfect environment for bacteria to reproduce. The safest way to keep our brushes is by exhibiting them in a glass or plastic container in a dry room.


I know that this is not a fun task, but we MUST do it. From now on, cleaning our brushes will be a MUST in our daily beauty routine, right?