What is Fashion?

Fashion is a transition, a change and is present in our daily lives.
We constantly change the way we dress, while new trends come in, the old ones are left on a side. Just remember to keep them close, they might come in handy in a few months.

Moreover, fashion is a form of expression. We could say that is the way in which we present ourselves to the world. How we want to be perceived as individuals. In overall, we are fashion.

What’s The Glow Game about?

The Glow Game is the channel of communication that I created to transmit my message, and I will use fashion as my primary language.

Here you will find tips, advice, entertainment and what’s happening NOW in the fashion industry, as well as places to visit, eat and have fun.

You will also see the latest trends, and how those trends give birth to new styles throughout the seasons. Soon, you will be able to forecast fashion tendencies.

The Glow Game will provide you a guide that will encourage you to reveal your story. People tell a different story every time they wear an outfit. We are constantly emitting messages.

Now, the question is: Are we sending the right message?

Who am I?

I’m a recent advertising graduate with a passion for fashion. I’m obsessed with trends and style. I love playing dress-up!

I have always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. So in 2010, I went to the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid and took a fashion design course. I had to design my own line; I was incredibly excited about it and enjoyed every single step of the process.

Later, I got into the communications world — I loved it! I realized that I like being connected to people. I believe that communication is a necessity and is inevitable. Every sign, every gesture, every word is a way of communication.

So I combined the two things that I liked the most: fashion and communication. The result? My blog!

My name is Ana Capdevielle, and I’m a fashion and lifestyle blogger.